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“Bowls and Barbie Day” hits Twin Waters

Graeme Lavender reports

Living Choice Twin Waters celebrated Australia Day with a good-old fashioned, Aussie-style ‘Bowls and Barbie’ day. The inaugural play-off for the Oz vs The Rest of The World annual trophy saw a full field of 34 players take to the well-prepared green (thanks to Dave Forrest) to battle for the honour of holding the coveted cup until the 2022 challenge.

Teams were selected by careful consideration, manipulation, a little graft, corruption and just a smidgen of border adjustment. A big thanks to Ron for a great job of team selection and supplying the trophy. The trophy was crowned to ‘The Rest of The World’ team with the help of a ring-in or two. The theme of the day was to dress up in something topical, tropical, patriotic or idiotic. All four categories were well-covered and the participants went above and beyond to make the event a fun and happy day.

A big thank-you to Steve and Pauline who catered for the hungry bellies with rissoles, coleslaw and a bread roll. Robert Airs also provided lamingtons with cream to top off the Oz Day fun and feast. It is safe to say, they were a hit. Jack Green and Maureen Rutschack ran the bar and many other willing volunteers helped make sure that everything went like a well-oiled machine, especially after a few visits to the bar.

The trophy may have been crowned to ‘The Rest of The World’ this year, but Team Oz is already preparing to bring the trophy back where it belongs in 2022.