Broadwater Court residents enjoy a visit to Barangaroo

Toni Goddard reports: 

Living Choice Broadwater Court residents recently enjoyed a lovely day visiting Barangaroo Reserve. There was a stop for morning tea along the way which involved trying out the local exercise equipment. One of the residents, Patrick mentioned the flying fox was something he had always wanted to try.

On arrival at Barangaroo, the Indigenous guide, Tim, took the group on an amazing tour, sharing information about all the native flora growing there and how it was used in everyday life many years ago. The last time the group had visited was pre-COVID, so the group was surprised to see how much the vegetation had grown.

Tim mentioned that all the sandstone used for harbour walls and structures was taken from the Barangaroo site and you can get a sense of it when looking at some of the photos. Tim also demonstrated a few implements made from natural plants and some used for hunting food.

Interestingly, the Aboriginal culture of the groups living all the way down the East Coast was matriarchal, hence the name Barangaroo, who was married to Benelong and sadly, only lived a short life.

Kirribilli Club was the next stop where a two-course lunch was enjoyed by all before travelling back to Broadwater Court.