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Broadwater Court take out the win.

On Friday 31 May, the teams from Broadwater Court and Alloura Waters competed in the Intervillage Bowls Challenge.

Alicia Dougherty commented “It was such a lovely day bowling together and spending time with the residents who love to get in and teach us how to bowl, it was also nice to see some of our new residents from both villages who have decided to take up bowling and were excited to play today.”

The rain stayed away which was great.

After a fun filled afternoon, Broadwater Court came away with the win. The residents of Broadwater Court were incredibly happy as they took the trophy from Alloura Waters who won last year.

Check out all the action from the day below:

AWBWC Bowls 2 AWBWC Bowls 3 AWBWC Bowls 4 AWBWC Bowls 5 AWBWC Bowls 6 AWBWC Bowls 7