GH bubbles in the sun

Bubbles in the sun with neighbours at Glenhaven

Living Choice Glenhaven residents living in the same street recently took advantage of some glorious weather to enjoy some bubbles in the sun with neighbours while observing safe social distancing. And no, they weren’t bubbles of the alcoholic variety – they were bubbles that they blew into the air, creating beautiful spheres of rainbow colours in the sunshine!

Regional Manager, Gail Eyres, came up with the idea of an Afternoon Tea shared with neighbours to celebrate the unique friendships they have and support they give each other.

Gail and sales consultant, Carlie Fisher joined Bob and Ann Flegg, Raylene and Eckart Jung, Jan Reid, Gai Campbell, Jack and Robyn Thomson for a fun afternoon, reflecting on the positive aspects of living in a caring, supportive community during these difficult times.

Jack also commented that he is taking walks in the village for the first time and meeting many lovely residents that he hadn’t met before – a positive spinoff of enforced isolation.