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Carollers bring Christmas cheer at Glenhaven

If you attended Christmas services during the 1960s and 1970s, chances are you would have listened to one of Australia’s most popular Christmas songs, `The Three Drovers’, composed by John Wheeler and William James. Those memories were evoked at an enjoyable outdoor Christmas Carols event held at Living Choice Glenhaven on 21st December.

Organised by Anne Oliver and Ann Flegg, the Glenhaven Choir took to the streets to sing both traditional Carols and Aussie Carols, including The Three Drovers and Carol of the Birds. They set up outside the leisure centre at 7.30pm and then moved to the BBQ area at 8.30pm so that everyone could enjoy the concert in a safe environment.

“Usually, we team up with the Variety Group to stage a concert in the leisure centre,” said Anne Oliver. “Due to COVID, last year we walked the streets singing Carols and with COVID again affecting activities this year, we decided to hold the concert outside again.”

Congratulations to the choir members and a big thank-you to Tom Chapman for taking the photos.