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Castle Hill welcomes Hills Carnival bowlers

Eighty-four bowlers from 12 bowling clubs supported the Living Choice Bowls Carnival hosted by Castle Hill Bowling Club on Monday 17th April. The competition was the second in a series of eight Hills Bowls Carnivals sponsored by Living Choice this year. The bowlers included residents from Living Choice Glenhaven who were joined by Regional Manager, Gail Eyres and Sales Consultant, Carlie Gowenlock for the presentation.

Ken Sherwood of Castle Hill Bowling Club said it was a very successful day with both bowling greens full. “We were blessed with the weather on the day as there had been quite a bit of rain around. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed a nice, light lunch,” he said.

“Living Choice's support for these carnivals is most appreciated and we are always pleased to promote Living Choice within our club and in the broader Hills community,” he added.

The winning teams were:

1st - Dave Walker, Peter Harris and Kingsley Lake from Putney.

2nd - Pui Shing Lam, See Tong Fung and Victor Sung from Beecroft.

3rd - Scott Mewburn, Margot Gardiner and Nick Martelli from North Epping.

4th - Richard Dooley, Ken McLennan and Earle Beaumont from Beecroft.

5th - Pino Ronconi (Merrylands), Paul Morrison and Joe Baliva (Castle Hill).

6th - Stephen Nugent (Harbord), Ken Sherwood and Mike Richards (Castle Hill).

Best Card Game 1 – the Castle Hill team of Evelyn Brien, Rhonda White and Mike Brien.

Best Card Game 2 – the Castle Hill team of Gary Bernsdorff, Ross Rochow and Paul Bryan.


The next Living Choice Bowls Carnival will take place at Dural Country Club on 22nd May.