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Castle Hill women bowlers do us proud at Kingscliff

Last month the Castle Hill Women's Bowling Club held a fashion show fundraiser to assist in getting its teams to the Pennants playoffs in Kingscliff. Castle Hill Women’s Bowling Club’s Grades 2, 3 and 4 teams were successful in winning three out of four 2019 Mitchell District Pennant flags and a very proud contingent of 30 ladies (including team managers and reserves) have since travelled to the State Playoffs at Kingscliff, Northern NSW, where great games were played.

The fashion parade was an outstanding success and Glenhaven resident Di Creed (Grade 2 Reserve) thanked all the sponsors who helped to make the day a hit, especially Living Choice Glenhaven for its generous gift cards, which raised over $1,200!

“Six of the Bowling Club ladies acted as Rainbow Fashions models for the day and had a fun time strutting their stuff on the catwalk,” said Di. “Sales went extremely well, adding to the fundraising tally and assisting the 30 ladies to travel to Kingscliff."

Living Choice Glenhaven was proud to be one of the sponsors as clubs such as Castle Hill are fairly small and no match for the larger clubs which can subsidise their players, supply uniforms and pay for travel expenses.

"Our teams played very well and did our small club proud - getting three Grades to the Playoffs alone is no mean effort! Although we didn’t get to the finals our teams can hold their heads high. Sincere thanks to all those who helped give our teams a wonderful experience," said Di.