Celebrating 25 years of service at Broadwater Court

For the past 25 years, Village Receptionist Amanda Lanham has played a significant role in contributing to the wellbeing and happiness of hundreds of residents at Living Choice Broadwater Court. She is their “go to” person, solving problems, reassuring them in times of need and always with a smile. She is also arguably the most elegant staff member the village has ever had!

Amanda recently notched up a quarter of a century’s service with Living Choice and it was sad that a celebration with residents and staff could not be held, due to the COVID lockdown. However, Village Manager, Kathy Hall, did arrange some beautiful cupcakes, flowers and a gift card to thank Amanda for her wonderful service over the years.

Amanda joined Living Choice in September 1996, working for the previous owner, Ron Dobler. “I pretty much did everything, from collating documents to driving residents to doctors’ appointments. I have always loved coming to work; I love the residents and I feel very blessed,” said Amanda.

The feeling is mutual, with residents expressing their appreciation via cards and emails. Del Pridmore, who has been on the Residents’ Executive Committee for 16 of the 17 years she has lived there, said she had worked closely with Amanda. “I have always been most appreciative of her helpfulness and thoughtfulness in assisting me to carry out my duties for the benefit of the residents. Amanda is a lovely lady who has dedicated herself to our wellbeing. She is also such an elegant person who always dresses beautifully!”

Fellow residents Helen and Alan Cromwell, moved into Broadwater Court two months after Amanda joined the company. “We were all brand new and learning to live in a village environment at the same time,” said Helen.

“I remember soon after we moved in, I invited some visitors from Sydney and just before they were due to arrive, my microwave blew up. I rang Amanda in a panic and quick as a flash, she brought me one from the office. She is the most gorgeous girl – we love her dearly,” added Helen.

Although Amanda has been coming to work at the same place for the past 25 years, it was a very different story when she was growing up. “I had to move frequently as my father was in the Air Force and we were never anywhere for long. In stark contrast, my daughter Alyssa, aged 29, has only ever known me to work for Living Choice!”.

Both Amanda and Alyssa have had their share of sadness, with Amanda’s husband passing away suddenly when Alyssa was 11 years old and Amanda battling cancer a few years ago. Thankfully, Amanda has fully recovered from cancer and she has also found love, marrying Graeme Murphy.

Take a bow, Amanda – your positivity, long service and care for the residents is very much appreciated.