Cheers to new temporary clubhouse

Living Choice has provided a temporary clubhouse, including Pro Shop area, for the use of Flagstaff Hill Golf Club members and visitors while the new clubhouse is being built. On Friday 20th January, it was put to the test with many village residents turning up to enjoy a Happy Hour sponsored by Living Choice.

Village Manager, Frances Parolin, said there was a good turnout with 52 of the 63 village residents joining in.

“Everything went smoothly, the company was lovely, the clubhouse was a great venue and the golf club team, led by General Manager, Chris Coulter, was so welcoming,” she said.

“There was a lot of laughter, and everyone was chatting. Living Choice Wellness Coordinator, Sarah Fox, came along and enjoyed talking to her existing clients and many other residents eager to chat about her services. The leftover snacks were shared with some of the golfers who were glad to minimise food wastage!”

Frances said the temporary clubhouse ticked all the boxes for a friendly and convenient meeting place.

“It includes televisions, a projector screen, multiple tables and chairs that can be reconfigured and easily accessible bathrooms. The bar is well-stocked and coffees and light snacks, such as chips, sandwiches, pies and pasties, are available. There is also ample room on the covered front deck which can be accessed up three steps or via the ramp.”

For more information about Flagstaff Hill Golf Club and how to join, see Flagstaff Hill Golf Club - Home (fhgc.com.au)