Christmas Carols make a welcome return to Alloura Waters

With COVID lockdowns in 2020, Christmas Carols at Living Choice Alloura Waters was cancelled last year. Thankfully, residents were able to enjoy the much-loved event this year and, as per tradition, festivities commenced with Christmas cake, sherry, and fruit punch served by the Social Ladies.

Dave, the Tempo Terrific Concert Band MC, coordinated the multi-instrument ensemble of around 22 musicians to entertain residents and guests. This was not the first time the band had performed at Alloura Waters and residents were highly impressed with the professional standard of the concert.

Judith, Mirabel and Rosemary took centre stage and lead residents with Christmas carols, which was soon followed by a visit by Santa. He was a jolly good fellow by gifting everyone with chocolates and sweets.

Highlights from the event included a performance by four of the band members, all from the same family – Dad and three children; and Hallelujah, beautifully sung by the three leaders and several other residents.

A wonderful evening in the centre and they’re already looking forward to doing it all over again next year.

Photos by Kevern Rowe