Christmas `Lights Up’ at Fullarton

There is a delightful annual tradition at Living Choice Fullarton, which brings in all ages from the local community – the Fullarton “Lights Up!” event.

It was started six years ago by a small group of residents who formed a choir and sang Christmas Carols to a small gathering. Each year, it has grown into a bigger event and this year, it attracted a large number of residents, their families and music students, teachers and parents from Concordia College, adjacent to the village.

The talented students delighted with their classical pieces in ensembles such as flute, clarinet and two string quartets. They were interspersed with carols sung by the village’s choir, led by resident David Evans and accompanied by Kerin Bailey on piano.

The residents also presented a farewell gift to James Gold, the Cafe Manager and Function Coordinator at the village’s onsite restaurant for the past five years. James and his 5-year-old daughter, Charlie then turned on the lights on the beautifully decorated Christmas tree, officially starting “Lights Up!” and the beginning of the festive season at Fullarton.