Community spirit on show at Flagstaff Hill

With the temperature hitting 38 degrees outside, the residents at Living Choice Flagstaff Hill did not hesitate to accept a suggestion to move their Christmas street party to the air-conditioned comfort of the new sales office in Villa 2!

Regional Manager, Brian Lynch, said the party was very well-attended, including by the newest residents, Matthew and Deborah Landau, who moved into their new home just a few days prior.

“Everyone brought a plate and the table was groaning with the most delicious food,” said Brian. Sales Manager, Katherine Stacey made a punch and according to Sales & Marketing Assistant, Teresa Allan, it certainly “packed a punch”.

Rick and Betty O’Donnell made a special “Mayoress” chain, which was presented to pioneer resident, Wendy Butler, and she wore it with pride. Santa also made a visit, presenting gifts of exquisite chocolates made by Robyn McCord.

“It was such a happy party,” said Brian. “We have an outstanding group of residents at Flagstaff Hill and it’s wonderful to see the community spirit at this rapidly growing village.”