Community spirit on show at Inter-Village Bowls Challenge

Don Paviour-Smith reports: 

Last Friday saw the long-awaited Inter-Village Bowls match between Living Choice Alloura Waters and Broadwater Court – long awaited because of “you-know-what” that occurred in 2020.

It was a full turnout of 10 rinks – 30 players from each Village. The teams included many staff members, all of whom are non-bowlers, but whose company on this social occasion was very much enjoyed.

The day commenced with a welcome from the President of the Davistown RSL Club, Gary Dowling, who gave a very interesting account of his observation of the development of the Alloura Waters Village on what was once a sports field where he coached soccer teams.

Sales Consultant Alicia Stacey said it was a “fabulous, fun day”. “Everyone was smiling and you could hear the cheers and claps down the greens as team mates were being cheered on and congratulated for a good bowl. For the non-bowlers like myself the residents were wonderful, teaching us and having a good conversation along the way. Several non-bowlers also came to cheer their fellow residents on,” she added.

The weather was good, the bowling was mixed and a great time was had by all. The event concluded with a sausage sizzle lunch and the presentation of prizes

For the record, Broadwater Court won in 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of the 2020 tournament and Broadwater Court won again this year. The real winner, however, was the wonderful community spirit on display throughout the day.