Community spirit shines through during lockdown

One of the unexpected silver linings arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic is the realisation that retirement villages play a very big part in providing “safe harbours” for retirees. They also encourage a sense of community, foster friendships and promote a caring culture. Families have also come to appreciate the benefits of having village managers and other staff members onsite when they cannot visit their loved ones themselves.

In contrast, many seniors living in the suburbs are feeling isolated and their mental health is deteriorating. The pandemic has reinforced how vital it is to have like-minded neighbours, who follow all the health advice and help keep each other safe. In retirement villages, you are able to go for a walk throughout the village gardens and stop to have a chat.

This week, Living Choice Glenhaven resident Mal Duggan took a walk around the village with his camera, capturing the sense of community in that village perfectly. Residents were out walking their dogs, some were sprucing up their gardens or admiring the birds in the village’s much-loved bush garden. Some were enjoying a socially distanced get-together at the end of their driveways. Thank you, Mal, for sharing your photos!

Photos by Mal Duggan