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Construction ramps up at Flagstaff Hill

The Construction teams are back on site at Living Choice Flagstaff Hill for 2022 with Construction Managers, Rob Grech and Michael De Re, both reporting good progress, despite the impact of COVID-19.

Michael, who is overseeing the building of the first apartment building, The Range, said the apartments were on track to be handed over to Sales at the end of June, however a shortage of both labour and building supplies could delay the handover.

“The level 1 suspended slab has been poured and the perimeter scaffolding to level 2 has been installed. The level 1 to level 2 structural walls have been stood and formwork to the level 2 suspended slab is almost complete, ready for reinforcing and in-slab services,” he said.

“The fit-out to the basement and ground floor services has commenced with fire sprinklers installed. The ground floor services fit-out has also commenced with fire sprinklers and air-conditioning ducting being installed, gyprock stud framing set out and framing commenced. The external rendering of basement walls has also commenced.”

Michael said Apartment 402, a Merion-T design, would be fitted out as a display apartment and was scheduled for completion in late March, subject to any COVID delays.

Rob Grech, who is managing the construction of the villas, said it was “all hands on deck with tradespeople everywhere to be seen”.

“The timber roof structures on the remaining Birkdale and Troon designs are well in progress, with the last Muirfield duplex to start construction late February.”

He added that Villas 6 and 7 – both Birkdale designs – were on track for completion on 22nd March.

Sales Manager, Katherine Stacey, said there had been strong interest in both the villas and the apartments. “We have a great cohort of residents already and we are looking forward to welcoming more residents soon.”

For more information on Living Choice Flagstaff Hill, contact Katherine or David on 1800 502 524 or email