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Construction Update at Parkwood – March 2024

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It’s all happening at Living Choice Parkwood so here’s a quick update from the Construction team:

  • Carpark Slab: We’re pouring one of the carpark slabs this Wednesday! It’s a whopping 345m3 in total, and we’ve got about 15 of our concreters on the job. It’s going to take roughly 6 hours, and we’ve got not one but two concrete pumps with a reach of 45m to get it all done.
  • Carpark Prep: We’re prepping the ground to lay down the formwork for the carpark slab. Exciting times ahead!
  • Ongoing Work: Now, you might be wondering about the rest of the site. Don’t worry, they haven’t been forgotten! We’re just tackling the Lexington & Lakeshore apartment towers first.
  • Spoil-er Alert: Our mountain of spoil is getting a makeover! We’ve reused most of it behind the western retaining wall, and the rest will be used to fill in as we work on footings.
  • Footings: Speaking of footings, we’re making great progress. Footings in other key areas are 70% and 50% complete. Although we could have been closer to 100% but it would have restricted us with the first of four major slab pours.
  • Scaffold: Our scaffold is about 70% complete with the scaffold up to the underside of the podium.
  • Golf Hole Update: The golf hole is almost ready for action. We just need to pop in a timber bridge which was slightly delayed but allowed for us to add improvements which have now been completed along with the planting out of the buggy path embankment between the apartment tower, the golf hole and the western boundary along the whole development.  Hole one has been completed with its rehabilitation landscape works.

To find out more about Living Choice Parkwood, you can arrange a visit to the display apartment at the entrance to The Club at Parkwood Village, 76 – 122 Napper Road, Parkwood or phone Vickie or Michael on 1300 421 414.

Stay tuned for more updates soon.

Parkwood Concrete plan