Parkwood June 24_Aerial

Construction Update June 2024

Significant progress is being made at Living Choice Parkwood as the construction team hits several key milestones.

At the end of this month the team is set to pour the podium for Building 4, the Leisure Centre. This major step will pave the way for further development of this retirement community hub. Concurrently, the support walls for Level 1 of Building 2 are being poured, reinforcing the structure as it moves closer to completion.

Preparations are also underway, with work about to begin on forming the carpark slab in Building 1. This foundational work is crucial for providing adequate parking facilities for residents and visitors.

In addition to building construction, the project is making strides in landscaping and site infrastructure. The rehabilitation landscape area between Napper Road and the Titans training field is nearing completion, enhancing the aesthetic and environmental quality of the community. Meanwhile, the new golf hole area is finished, except for the new boardwalk, which will add a scenic touch for golf enthusiasts.

Another significant development is the imminent switch to permanent power for the site. Up until now, generators have been used, but the transition to permanent power marks a substantial improvement in site operations and efficiency.

These updates reflect Living Choice Parkwood’s commitment to delivering a high-quality, well-planned community. As construction progresses, each milestone brings the vision of this vibrant Gold Coast retirement village closer to reality.








To find out more about Living Choice Parkwood, you can arrange a visit to the display apartment at the entrance to The Club at Parkwood Village, 76 – 122 Napper Road, Parkwood or phone Vickie or Michael on 1300 421 414.