Anita Stevens

Count your blessings in isolation

Anita Stevens (right) with fellow resident Julie Staley at a previous Writers’ Festival at Living Choice Glenhaven.

Anita Stevens, a member of the Writers’ Group at Living Choice Glenhaven, has an optimistic view about life in isolation.

I’m here in isolation; I’m coping - how are you?
I find ways to fill my day; I have plenty to do.
Always a busy person I won’t sit down and brood; I explore all my talents depending on my mood.

One day it’s colouring in, TV, reading a book - whatever your interests there’ll be some if you look.
And then there’s the telephone, texts, the Internet so we can all keep in touch - you’re not alone; don’t fret!

Each day I count my blessings for those friends on the line who keep in touch - have a chat, to know that they are fine.
It’s good. It’s made me slow down to stop this rush and tear, appreciate what I have, not rush off everywhere.

Oh yes, I miss our meetings with people face to face:
The Writers’ Group, our Art Class, and Tai Chi in this place, but it is temporary whatever group we miss. One day it will be over - we will meet, hug and kiss.

Yes, we must count our blessings that we are safe and well. How long this pandemic lasts, who knows?  Who can tell?
I’m grateful for my lovely home, my companion cat Fred, contact with friendly neighbours, a comfortable bed.

It’s good to count our blessings, have an optimistic view; Know we will all get through this, one day start life anew.
I don’t rush up each morning. I have nowhere to go - I find this a luxury, quite like it, you know.

I get phone calls, check emails, take my time doing chores; sit down and write a poem or watch TV because I have time to do these things. It wiles away my day and sometimes when in the mood my organ, piano play…

It gives pleasure to neighbours with my doors opened wide and at night I have Freddie to snuggle up beside.
He’s happy that I’m home more, we are the best of friends - we’ll see this through together ‘til this pandemic ends.

Remember we’re not alone though some days it seems so. We must look on the bright side, be positive, you know; catch up on things around the house we’d not found time to do. It will give satisfaction, prevent us feeling blue!