Countdown to Carrak Club’s 20th Anniversary

The Carrak Coffee Club was formed on Thursday 23rd July 2003 after some of the first residents of Living Choice Broadwater Court Waterfront Estate (Stage 5), met in the home of the late Avril and Philip Pearson.

Management heard about this and found a place for them to meet together, rather than in each other’s homes, as Villa 538 was free at the time. From there it moved to Villa 523 until the Community Centre was open.

Carrak was the name given to a particular style of boat or ship that the boat builders crafted in their premises at the end of the street, which was later named Carrak Road.

This Saturday 23rd July, residents will gather to reminisce and celebrate 20 years of Carrak Club history. Canapes and champagne cocktails will be enjoyed during the celebrations.