WC Gala 2020

Dazzling Gala Reward Events at Woodcroft and Fullarton

COVID-19 may have delayed the 2020 Gala Reward Events in SA by a couple of months but they were certainly worth waiting for, especially for Living Choice Woodcroft residents, Neil and Marlene Lack, who won the major prize – the choice of a $5,000 travel or Harvey Norman gift voucher.

The annual event is held in each region to reward those who have successfully referred someone to a Living Choice village. It is also an opportunity to thank Living Choice’s Resident Ambassadors for their support. Due to the current restrictions, two events had to be held in SA this year, with the draw taking place at Woodcroft and live-streamed to the event at Fullarton.

At Living Choice Woodcroft, Village Manager Gail Pounsett and her team pulled out all the stops to make the event extra special, with assistance from residents Jan Clements, who arranged the catering, and Barry and Mary Nolan who were very busy in the bar. Musician Will Metzer kept everyone entertained and the food flowed, beautifully prepared by Let’s Eat Catering.

At Living Choice Fullarton, Village Manager Brian Lynch teamed up with Resident Ambassadors Helen Bonet and Chris Murray to present an equally dazzling event with Yuki Kuboi providing the entertainment and the team at Damien on Fisher serving an array of delicious canapes. Residents Peter Radovic and Leo Olbricht also did a great job of manning the bar.

Living Choice director, Graham Hobbs, presented the results of the Referral Reward Program and was pleased to report that the percentage of referrals from residents, friends and family had climbed to a record 60%. He also highlighted the healthy occupancy rates at Living Choice villages, reminding residents that high occupancy rates would result in higher home values. “If Living Choice is successful as a company, you share in that success,” he added.

Mr Hobbs said he believed there were five main ways to enhance demand – award-winning built form, great marketing, a wide variety of health and wellness services (including Living Choice Home Care) good staff and satisfied residents. “While there is always room for improvement, I am pleased to say that Living Choice pretty much ticks those five boxes.”

Then it was time for the draw and Woodcroft Village Chairperson, Alice Conway, had the unenviable task of eliminating all those in the draw until there were just two entries left – Steven Bradford who had referred his parents, Jim and Joyce, and Neil and Marlene Lack, who had referred their friend, Barbara Hay. Neil and Marlene were “over the moon” to win and immediately opted for the $5,000 Harvey Norman voucher, Neil declaring he wanted a new TV while Marlene said she wanted a new mattress. Congratulations, Neil and Marlene and take a bow, all referrers and Resident Ambassadors!

Woodcroft Gala Event Gallery - Photos by Brad Griffin

Fullarton Gala Event Gallery - Photos by Cheryl Willsdon