DWC Salvo 20

Deepwater Court residents dig deep for the Salvos

For many years, Living Choice Deepwater Court residents have supported the Salvation Army with a donation of non-perishable goods at Christmas time. Resident Valmai Murch, who moved into the village with her husband Jim in 2008, recalls the annual collection taking place when they moved in and in 2010, her arm was twisted to organise it. Ten years later, the collection is still going strong.

Each year, six laundry baskets are filled to the brim with food and gifts, kindly donated by the generous residents. Usually, the goods are presented to a Salvation Army Captain at Happy Hour. This year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the presentation was scaled back with just a small number of residents attending the handover to Captain Lesley.

Valmai writes a column “Just Talking” in the village’s monthly newsletter and so she is well-placed to remind residents to donate items for the baskets. Well done to all those who supported this great cause and special thanks to Valmai for 10 years of organising it!