Double the fun at Sydney Gala Reward Event

If you were one of two entrants in a draw to win gift cards valued at $5,200 and were offered the choice to share the prize, would you take your chance to win $5,200 or would you share it 50-50? This was the dilemma facing the last referrers in not one, but two Sydney Gala Reward Event draws held at Living Choice Glenhaven on 31st March.

Both the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 draws had been postponed due to COVID lockdowns so instead of presenting just one prize, Living Choice director, Ian Tregoning, had the pleasant task of conducting a double draw with a $5,000 UChoose Gift Card for each annual winner and a $200 gift card for each runner-up. “I feel like Father Christmas, without the beard,” he quipped.

To add a bit of spice to the enjoyable event, Ian spontaneously offered the last two referrers in each annual `elimination draw’ the opportunity to share the total value of the prizes in the draw – i.e. $5,200 ($2,600 each). Not surprisingly, all agreed on behalf of the referrers.

Congratulations to Lesley and Greg Martin of Glenhaven who shared the 2019-2020 prize with Chelsea Gordon. Lesley and Greg referred their friends Bob and Gail White to Glenhaven and Bob made the decision to split the prize as Lesley and Greg were away. “I would have made the same decision!” said Greg later.

Chelsea, who referred her grandparents, Clive and Jean Pringle to Leisure Lea Gardens, was present at the draw and did not hesitate to accept the $2,600 on offer.

The final two referrers in the 2020-2021 draw were Lara Thomas, who referred her mum Barbara Horner to Glenhaven, and Juanita Clare, who encouraged her dad, Max Lawson to move into Leisure Lea Gardens. They were both also happy with the decision to share the prize of $5,200.

More than 70 people attended the Gala Reward Event and had high praise for the catering by Essence Patisserie, the beautiful décor arranged by the Glenhaven village team and Resident Ambassadors and the fabulous music by Molly and Justin McCoy of Ignite Music.

Take a bow, all the resident helpers – Anne and Terry Oliver, Peter and Carmel Heinrich, Sandra and David Nelson, Carmel Ascough, Peter and Glynne Henderson, Di and Leon Creed and Maurice York. Also, a big “thank-you” to the Living Choice Glenhaven team – Gail Eyres, Carlie Gowenlock, Jane Fisher, Namrata Bhandari and Mick Shearer.