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Effie Theodoridis dazzles crowd

Art lovers flocked to Living Choice Fullarton during August for the month-long SALA Festival. Just three days after packing up the paintings, they were celebrating the opening of another Art Expression@123 Fisher Exhibition!

Featuring artist, Effie Theodoridis, her work, Brush With Nature, was beautifully presented in the Exhibition Area at Damien on Fisher.

Admiring the endless variety of plant species and the colours, textures and shapes that exist, Effie’s ability to capture nature’s intrinsic beauty in her paintings is triumphant.

For Effie, plants are not only a visual delight, but also a life-giving force. With the combination of bold colours, organic shapes, energetic lines and dots, and beautifully crafted insects, butterflies, birds and bees, Effie has masterfully conveyed patterns and forms found in nature.

Applying art and design elements has been instrumental in creating interest, harmony and balance in her work, adding to recognisable forms of life arranged to lead the eyes into, around, and out of the painting. Effie’s work is a captivating reflection of the intricacies of nature displayed in its fragility and strength.

Children will love the ‘Illusion’ series, as hidden amongst the landscape are animals and creatures.

This event was a great success, which was attended by approximately 50 residents and 30 visitors.

A total of 36 pieces of art are on display, ranging in size. Cards of the paintings can also be purchased.

The exhibition runs until 5th October 2021. For more information, please visit Art Expression@123 Fisher - September Exhibition (