Fashions on the field and bubbly
at Kawana Island

It's the race that stops the nation and Living Choice Kawana Island residents enjoyed the day getting together over excited chatter, corks popping and an in-house sweep. The residents had a lot of laughs over the fun races that were organised and Melbourne Cup money to bet with.

Along with fashions on the field, a lovely sit-down lunch of chicken and salad was prepared. The race at 2pm was watched on the big screen as everyone cheered their own horse to win.

In the ‘Fashions on the Field’, the Best Dressed winner was Sue Jarrett and the Best Hat category was won by Sue Taylor.

For the gentlemen, Patrick McMaster took first place in the Best Dressed category and Cyril Gaudart won the Best Hat.

Well done to the organisers and helpers on the day. You all did an amazing job, and it was a very enjoyable day for all who attended.