Feeling grateful at Glenhaven …

Living Choice Glenhaven resident, Valerie Roy.

By Valerie Roy

Recently, I was reminded once again of how lucky I am to be living at Living Choice Glenhaven.

On Friday morning, I attended the Writers’ Festival up until the lunch break. How enlightening it was! I was so appreciative to be able to listen to two wonderful speakers, along with a group of residents, led by Lorna Clayton, who shared their passion for writing with me. Our Social Club ladies were also there to feed us and the COVID Marshalls kept us safe.

In the afternoon I attended a funeral for the late Norman Tasker who was a long-time resident of the village.  Joan and Norman were friends that I had not met until moving into Living Choice and I also attended Joan’s craft classes.

Home to change and then off to Happy Hour.  What a fun evening spent chatting about this and that.  Included in the conversation was discussion about the Easter afternoon tea and organising tables.  With the exception of Trish Smith and Denise Balfour, I had not met any of these amazing ladies until I moved here.

My husband, Ken left earlier than I did, however as I walked home, I felt very safe and contented, and reflected on the day. I had experienced the opportunity to expand my horizons, then the farewell of a friend, and later the joy of friendship. I awoke the next day feeling a tad tired, however very grateful for my life and the people around me.