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Festive spirit abounds at Kawana Island

Promoting good relations with Living Choice residents is a priority for Living Choice staff members and every year, the Group General Manager travels to each village to host a “GM Happy Hour”. The Happy Hour is attended by the Regional Manager plus sales and marketing staff members, and it’s always a popular event on the residents’ calendar.

On Friday 17th December, it was the turn of Kawana Island residents to enjoy complimentary drinks and the opportunity to catch up with Group GM, Jason Sack and Regional Manager, Tracy Blair. They were joined by Village Manager, Russ Dunstan, sales consultants, Suzie Gray and Suzi Morland, QLD Home Care Case Manager, Dee Evans, village staff member Benita Cheatley, National Marketing Manager, Linda Hooper and Regional Marketing Manager, Simone McKenna. They all enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with so many residents – and yes, there were many!

The leisure centre was packed. Every chair taken, standing room only is some corners, and even the auditorium needed to be opened to accommodate the guests.

The three bartenders were inundated with requests and once the pizzas arrived the crowds moved in polite unison to the kitchen where they were served by all staff on hand.

Both Jason and Tracy made short speeches before the Toy Makers’ prizes were drawn. A big thank-you to the busy bartenders and special congratulations to Wayne Male and his team of volunteers for the amazing Christmas decorations.