Firefighters save magpies at Flagstaff Hill

Lea-Anne Simpson loves green space, trees and wildlife and it was the main reason she chose her golf course-facing apartment at Living Choice Flagstaff Hill. Three weeks after moving in, she played a key role in the rescue of a magpie and two chicks which involved a crew from the Metropolitan Fire Service!

It all started when Regional Manager, Katherine Stacey, spotted a magpie caught in one of the gum trees near the 10th hole. Village Manager, Frances Parolin went to check and saw that the bird was caught by its wing on a piece of plastic wire. The bird (later determined to be the father) was bleeding and to make matters worse, it was a metre below its nest and two chicks.

Due to the height of the tree, Frances called the Metropolitan Fire Service and a crew arrived. Watched by concerned onlookers, including Lea-Anne, the birds were brought safely to the ground and gently put in a box. Lea-Anne did a mercy dash to Minton Farm Animal in Cherry Gardens and when she checked on their progress the following day, she was told the birds were recovering well.

“The staff member at Minton said they would hand-rear the chicks and when the dad is healed, I will return it to this area as magpies mate for life,” she said.

Lea-Anne believes the mother is still in the area as a magpie was spotted flapping around and looking distressed. Several magpies were also seen investigating the area at the bottom of the tree.

Lea-Anne said the green space and wildlife had attracted her to the village. “I love the outlook. There are koalas, kangaroos, ducks, ducklings and lots of birds. Yesterday, a rosella came to visit on my balcony and we had a chat!”

Although not a golfer, she has put her name down for the next Chip & Sip Clinic sponsored by Living Choice, which is run by golf teacher, Sarah Douglass-Norris. She also enjoys singing and has joined the `Village Voices’ group at the village.