FH Sneak Peak

Flagstaff Hill lady golfers give display the `thumbs-up’

Every Tuesday morning, the ladies take over the fairways at Flagstaff Hill Golf Club and for Wendy Butler, it takes her five minutes to walk from her home at Living Choice Flagstaff Hill to the 1st tee. Last Tuesday, Living Choice Sales Manager Katherine Stacey and Village Manager, Gail Pounsett joined the ladies at the completion of their game and invited them to see the St Andrews display home, prior to the furniture being moved to another villa, as the display home has been sold.

Several ladies took up the invitation and visited not only the display but Wendy’s home as well. They also viewed a Muirfield villa which is currently being set up as the new display.

“The ladies had cupcakes and coffee with us then went to Wendy’s for champagne, cheese and crackers,” said Katherine. “They were all very impressed and many commented about the size of the homes, the ample cupboard space and the fact that they are 3 bedrooms. They loved the open plan living and were intrigued with the hanging garden on Wendy’s rainwater tank.” (pictured below)


Wendy herb garden