Footy tipping winners rewarded

Dave Grassby reports

This year’s Living Choice Footy Tipping Competitions were very well-supported with the winners dominating for most of the year and fighting off several attempts to reel them in.

The NRL comp was really decided by the Grand Final and I dip my hat to Thea Brayshaw of Living Choice Deepwater Court who held her nerve and picked up 1st place and $500. Harry, her husband, came in 2nd to scoop up $300. Ron Balfour of Living Choice Glenhaven showed his tipping consistency with a strong finish and 3rd place, winning $200. Ron also finished just out of the places in 4th in our AFL comp.

In the AFL, Barry Nolan from Living Choice Woodcroft took out 1st place and earned himself $500. With a surge at the end, Edwin Argy from Living Choice Fullarton was placed 2nd winning $300 and Pauline O’Donnell, also from Woodcroft, came in 3rd, winning $200.

A big thank-you to Living Choice directors, Graham Hobbs and Ian Tregoning for their kind donation that allowed us to have so much fun each week.