Midge & JAck

Friendships blossoming in the midst of lockdown

Jack Green, who lives with his wife Midge at Living Choice Twin Waters, says it’s a joy to live at the “leisure resort”, even in these trying times.

“I walk around within the village twice or three times a day trying to reach somewhere in the vicinity of 10,000 steps a day, because I prefer walking to other more stringent methods of keeping fit.

“Sometimes I venture outside the village but mostly now stay inside. I see many residents on these daily walks (more so now than before the Pandemic), and we all stop and have a chat and a catch-up. Many residents also sit on their front porches and we stop and have a chat with them at times too.

“Every so often, I come across a party of four (generally two couples) observing safe distancing and mainly on a Friday late afternoon, catching up with some nibbles and a cold drink. A fellow resident and I often rib each other about our exercise routines, his lack of garden expertise and my failings, always in great spirits. Recently, he invited us to have drinks with them and we had a ‘beaut’ time, sitting at the required distance in their garage where we had a good old chin wag.

“I’m sure we are not the only residents doing this sort of thing, but I find it a very rewarding experience getting to know others in the village who no longer (for whatever reason) don’t use the facilities much, or at all. It matters not our age, social background, richness of life or health because it’s just really nice to spend quality time with other folk.

“Although it is hard to say anything positive about COVID 19, I believe a lot of new relationships might not have blossomed (camaraderie wise) without it. And while I am not saying it is a good thing, you just have to go with the flow when something of this nature comes along.

“I know many of our younger and more able-bodied residents are looking out for those who need help in any way. The help given in the past and in the future will continue long after the Pandemic is over.

“In Queensland, our curve has flattened largely due to all the restrictions placed by the State and Federal Governments. Now, only a few recorded cases are being found and we have had some days where there have been no recorded cases at all.

“Our fantastic Management and Staff are keeping our village in top condition as always, and we note that various necessary things are happening while the Leisure Centre is in lockdown. They are also very clever with the Monthly Calendar and keeping us informed with our weekly Communique. They are still reachable and are sticking to the rules regarding only allowing two people at a time into the facilities for necessary exercise and on the bowling green. All residents are adhering to these restrictions and have to book to have a time slot.

“I know residents at other villages are probably doing similar things but I can only speak for our fantastic and safe village.”