Frogs and the Wiggles – just
another day in SA!

Painting frogs and singing Wiggles songs may seem like an unusual way to build team spirit but it worked a treat for senior Living Choice SA staff members at their team-building event on Thursday 22nd June.

Faced with the challenge of integrating some newly appointed staff members into the Living Choice `family’, Regional Manager, Katherine Stacey, decided to take them out of their comfort zone and encourage them to release their creativity.

The team included Village Managers, Vanessa Elmslie, Frances Parolin and Julie Jaremko, Group GM, Jason Sack, Sales Consultants, David Brookman and Sue Lock, Sales & Marketing Assistant, Teresa Allan, Project Manager, Tania Sodomka and Living Choice Director, Ian Tregoning.

“The destination was a surprise, except to Teresa, who arranged an apron for each participant. She also personalised each apron with their name,” said Katherine.

“We went to Studio Vino and we chose to paint a frog. We were guided by the instructor and then added our own interpretations to the painting. Each person was given a certificate of participation,” she added.

The paintings were so good that it was impossible to choose the winners, so Katherine sent photos to Living Choice’s Marketing Manager to decide the winners. Congratulations to Vanessa (Best Frog), Sue Lock (Most Colourful) and Julia Jaremko (Best Overall).

With frogs at the forefront of the day, the team members found themselves singing the Wiggles song, `Galumph went the little green frog’ followed by `Jeremiah was a bull frog’ in the bus on the way to the Regency Tavern where they all enjoyed a wonderful lunch. Then it was time to hop back to work, carrying their prized frog paintings.