Full house for annual Living Choice Triples at Pennant Hills

The annual Hills Clubs Carnivals sponsored by Living Choice got underway at Pennant Hills Bowling Club on 6th March and organiser, Ken Byatt, said it was good to be able to run the event this year after the drenching Sydney received in the first three months of 2022.

Anna Ginters of Leisure Lea Gardens was warmly welcomed by the bowlers and presented the prizes.

“From an organiser's point of view it was a relief to be able to fill the event and have everyone turn up, and on time’” said Ken.

“We had a full complement of 84 players - 28 teams of 3, playing two games of 3 bowl triples each of 12 ends. Previously there used to be a third game after lunch, but that was dispensed with for various reasons and that decision has proved to be a winner. With the traditional whites having gone by the board years ago, it certainly was a colourful day,” he added.

The teams could comprise men, women or mixed and this year, Pennant Hills club provided two teams of all women. Congratulations to the prize-winners:

1st - Keith Rowe, Graham Berry and Beau Barry from Castle Hill.

2nd - Heather Hardwick, Rod Houston and Stephen Harwick from West Pennant Hills.

3rd - Dallas Palm, Aaron Barnett and Kevin Fitzpatrick from Wenty Leagues.

4th - Les Crow, Ron Court and David Linnert from Denistone.

5th - Vince DiFalco, Mike Richards from Castle Hill and Steve Nugent from Harbord.

6th - Jim Ede, Sharon Houston and Steve Arnold from West Pennant Hills.

The next Hills Club Carnival will be held at Castle Hill Bowling Club on 17th April.