FULL Planking July2020

Fullarton residents and staff embrace the “Planking Challenge”

Visitors to Living Choice Fullarton and Damien on Fisher Restaurant & Café were amazed to see more than 20 people “planking” in the auditorium to the accompaniment of upbeat 70’s music on Thursday 2nd July. Watched by an enthusiastic group of onlookers, the “plankers” were taking part in a challenge started by Living Choice director, Graham Hobbs OAM, a loyal supporter of the Wellness Centre at Fullarton.

Under the guidance of physiotherapist, Brad Yates of Yates Physiotherapy, Graham has been planking to strengthen his core and improve his bone and joint health. He recently achieved a 6-minute plank and decided to challenge Living Choice residents and staff members to better his time or “just have a go”.

Village Manager, Brian Lynch, who was Master of Ceremonies, said the event was great fun. “Around 20 people took part with a further 25 to 30 watching. Some planked for a short time and others took it really seriously, especially our newest resident, Jacky Whitting, who achieved an amazing 7 minutes and 30 seconds. Jacky was a long distance runner and regularly goes to the gym so she is very fit. Afterwards, everyone who took part enjoyed a coffee from Damien’s, plus fresh fruit and Danish pastries,” he added.

So who won the challenge? It was a dead heat, with Graham and Home Care Manager, Sharyn Williams, both excelling with a time of 8 minutes and 15 seconds!

Due to the popularity of the event, it will now be extended to other villages, including Twin Waters and Kawana Island as Graham intends to visit Queensland soon. Start training, Sunshine Coast residents and staff – the Living Choice Planking Challenge is coming soon!