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Fullarton’s “Birthday Bash” is back!

Now that restrictions have been considerably eased in South Australia, the Living Choice monthly “birthday bash” for Fullarton residents has resumed, much to the delight of both residents and the Fullarton staff team. Each month Living Choice hosts a birthday party for those residents who have birthdays in that month. During the height of the COVID-19 restrictions, it was not possible to host the event but, now that the leisure centre can accommodate 20 people in each area, Village Manager Brian Lynch and his team are determined to catch up.

The March birthday bash was held this week and everyone had a great time, including Pauline Southam (pictured above), who had the honour of cutting the delicious cake. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with one another over coffee and cake, served by the staff members. It was great to see everyone finally being able to come together to celebrate events like this, even when social distancing!

Great work to everyone who assisted and happy birthday to the March babies. Another party for all those who had a birthday in April will be held next week.