Fullarton’s Sunday Soiree attracts a big crowd

Nearly 150 music lovers turned up for a stunning Sunday Soiree at Living Choice Fullarton on 24th October. The Great Hall resounded to the sound of the internationally renowned Kym Purling and his Trio, thrilling the audience with his skill on the Grand Piano, ably complemented by Tim Bowen on bass and John McDermott on drums.

There was a huge “buzz” in the audience as Kym delighted his fans with some wonderful arrangements of standards such as the Beatles’  “Yesterday” and Streisand’s “On A Clear Day”.Also featured was a new singer to the Adelaide scene, AJ Pike, who received warm applause and Brigitte Baden-Rennie, now residing in Adelaide due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A versatile singer of international repute, Brigette is usually based in London.

Damien on Fisher was open for drinks during the afternoon and, as everyone was seated, it was a treat not to wear masks. The concert ran well over time as the audience clapped for more … and more! It was another wonderful concert to add to the many amazing performances held at Fullarton over the years. On Saturday 13th November, it’s the turn of the Keith Conlon Showband, who will perform at the Saturday Night Cabaret. The event is fully booked.