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Giving the gift of life

You often hear the plea for people to donate blood as there is a short supply, but how often do you take action? Lynne Mills from Living Choice Twin Waters is the perfect example of ‘not all heroes wear capes’.

This month she set off to give her blood donation as she has done throughout most of her life, however this time was a little more special. The team at the Blood Bank Maroochydore presented Lynne with a certificate that celebrated her 125th donation of blood. And of course, a celebratory morning tea to go along with it. To put that into perspective the requirement to give blood is only four times a year.

Lynne said, “My husband was donating blood, so I decided to join him in 1964 and have never looked back. Of course, life gets in the way sometimes, but I always make sure I make my way back to donate. The most rewarding part about donating blood is once the blood has been used, you get a follow-up text message to let you know exactly where your blood supply has been used and how it has saved someone’s life. I walk around with my bandage on after donating so when people ask me what has happened, I proudly tell them that I have donated blood in the hope that maybe they will consider doing the same.”

The Australian Red Cross Lifeblood calls out for 31,000 donations per week. If Lynne has inspired you to begin your blood donation, head over to where you can read everything there is to know about becoming a donor and book your appointment today.