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Glenhaven Craft Group excels in knitting challenge

As the first resident to move into Living Choice Glenhaven nearly 16 years ago with her late husband, John, Enid Hewson has been intimately involved in many milestones, celebrations, social activities, interest groups and has made many close friends. Her biggest love, however, is the Craft Group, which she helped to establish in 2005 and which has supported many charities over the years.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, many activities were cancelled at the village but the craft group members still managed to keep themselves occupied, making scarves, beanies and knitting squares for blankets.

For the past 14 years the group has been donating blankets to a Women’s Shelter but Enid recently discovered an organisation called The Creative Fringe at Penrith which had started the “Think Outside the Square” knitting challenge.

“They ask people to knit squares and donate them, which is wonderful as our members love knitting the squares but don’t really enjoy sewing them together,” said Enid.

By May, the organisation had sewn 54 blankets made up from 1,291 squares. “They want to try and break that record so they started up at the beginning of July again. I rounded up everything we had in the craft room and am proud to say we have 14 blankets and 10 bags of squares ready for them to collect,” said Enid.

The Creative Fringe donate all these lovely blankets to the following organisations - Mama Lana’s Community Foundation, The Haven Women’s Shelter, Penrith Community Kitchen and Westcare.

Enid said she had never felt lonely once during the village’s lockdown period. “There were always phone calls or resident walking past to check on you. It’s hard to believe this will be my 16th year here and I’m still loving every minute of it.”

Regional Manager, Gail Eyres said Living Choice was very lucky to have Enid in the village. “She not only gives to people in need but also to many of our residents. She is very treasured.”

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