Glenhaven resident honoured
for service to the RFS

Living Choice Glenhaven resident, Ralph Warren, has been a volunteer with the Rural Fire Service for an amazing 54 years. Recently, he attended a presentation night, initiated by the Governor General of Australia, to thank all those who played a role in extinguishing the Gosper Mountain fire of 2019/2020. The fire has been declared the biggest fire in history and was found to have altered the ozone layer.

At the presentation night, several overdue medals were awarded, including a 30-year Long Service Medal with 1st and 2nd Clasp, which was presented to Ralph in recognition of his commitment to the RFS.

Ralph first joined Box Hill/Nelson Brigade in 1968, leaving in 1985. In 2007, he joined Glossodia Brigade, holding the positions of Treasurer, Community Engagement Officer, Callout Officer and Permit Officer.

Over the years, Ralph has attended many fire incidents, hazard reductions and pile burns. He has also been involved in many fundraising and community events, including assisting at the RFS Hawkesbury Community Engagement stand at the Hawkesbury Show. His current position is Burn Permit Officer and he recently ceased doing driver training for the Cat 1 tankers.

Not surprisingly, Ralph is also one of two Chief Wardens at Living Choice Glenhaven and also drives the village bus. Congratulations, Ralph!