Golden wedding anniversary celebrations for Jack and Midge

Living Choice Twin Waters residents, Jack and Midge Green, celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary with 30 of their close friends at Village Club House on 2nd December. Guests enjoyed drinks and nibbles, followed by a BBQ.

Jack and Midge both grew up in Lismore, NSW. As they attended different high schools, their paths did not cross until much later.

Jack had just returned from a holiday to Canada and heard from a golfing mate that there was a Hawaiian night on at the Lismore Workers’ Club.  Jack’s friend said that his neighbour’s daughter was home and would invite the family to the event.

“We had one dance together that night, and all the married men ended up dancing with Midge for the rest of the night,” said Jack.  “The next day I called her and asked her out on a date.”

From this courtship the pair married in Lismore and celebrated the reception at the Lismore City Hall on 2nd December 1972 and Jack remembers meeting family members on Midge’s side, for the first time at the wedding reception.

After a honeymoon at the Buderim Mountain Motel on the Sunshine Coast, Jack and Midge returned to their newly bought home and settled into married life in Lismore. Midge was a nurse and Jack ended up becoming an accountant a few years later.

“The best advice for a happy marriage is to just be kind to each other. Fifty years on and we still talk to each other,” said Jack.

Wishing Jack and Midge many more happy years of wedded bliss.