Grandparenting in a retirement village

Grandparenting in a retirement village brings a unique blend of joy, community and intergenerational connection. It’s a phase of life when the role of a grandparent takes on new dimensions as they engage with their families and the vibrant atmosphere of the retirement village. This chapter of life is characterised by a slower pace, a focus on relationships, and the opportunity to impart wisdom and experiences to younger generations.

Living Choice Twin Waters resident Brenda Winter sold her Canberra home and relocated to the Sunshine Coast to be closer to family.

Every Monday Brenda is on school pick-up duty and relishes the time she gets to spend with her two grandsons, Archie (10) and Lenny (7).

Grandparenting in a retirement village is a chapter of life that combines the joys of family connection with the benefits of a supportive and engaging community. It offers an environment where wisdom is treasured, memories are cherished and generations come together to celebrate life in all its stages.

Retirement communities can be beneficial by both residents and their grandchildren. Who said it takes a village to raise a child?