John S walking sticks

Hand-carved walking sticks made with love

Many outstanding examples of resilience have emerged at Living Choice villages during the COVID-19 crisis, including finding innovative ways to keep oneself busy. For Living Choice Kawana Island resident, John Sutton, the time has been well-spent making exquisite hand-carved walking sticks – and not even crippling hand arthritis would stop him!

John Sutton walking sticks 4b

As a former cabinetmaker, John was heavily involved in the Kawana Island Toymakers’ Group, whose members make dozens of amazing toys for underprivileged children each year. He led the group for several years but recently handed over the reins to fellow resident, George Humeniuk, as his arthritis was becoming too painful.

“I still spend a couple of hours in the village workshop each week, doing machine maintenance and offering assistance where needed, however I can make the walking sticks in my own time and there’s no pressure,” said John.

So far, John has made 10 walking sticks, with a further four under construction. He does not need them for himself at present and when asked, said he would offer them for sale, if necessary.

Despite the hand arthritis, John is determined to lead an active life and plays golf with the village’s golfing group every Thursday. Now that restrictions have been eased, he is also keen to resume bowls.

If you are interested in John’s wonderful walking sticks, you can email him at