Hand-knitted blankets for a worthy cause

The Craft Group at Living Choice Kawana Island handed over 16 hand-knitted blankets to Mark Skinner, Chairman of The Board Meeting Surf Charity on 18th July.

The blankets will be used for children in wheelchairs to keep their legs warm in this chilly weather. The ladies commented that it wasn’t much, but it’s the little things that can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Mark Skinner was invited to the village by resident Janne Bernhard for the blanket handover and morning tea with the Craft Group. She had heard of The Board Meeting Surf Charity through Jarrod Bleijie MP, and was convinced the ladies had found another worthy charity to support.

With the support of local business and surfing communities, The Board Meeting is run by a group of surfers dedicated to helping Sunshine Coast children with disabilities through a variety of surf-related events. The charity raises much-needed funds for families who have fallen through the cracks of Government support, are doing it tough financially and have children with needs.

To date, The Board Meeting has raised in excess of $2,500,000, and has helped 550 children.

The initiative started when one disabled child wanted to participate in the Disability Olympics overseas. The following year there were six.
The charity funds medical and learning aides, therapy and equipment that improves the overall life of the child, and through their Guardian Program they also link non-surfing benefactors with families in desperate need of respite.

The passion for this charity is evident in the way Mark explained how many children have benefited from their work, not only those with disabilities but for their families too.

Keep an eye out for The Board Meeting’s next charity event in September, and if you’d like to make a donation or support The Board Meeting, please visit their website: Sunshine Coast Charity - The Board Meeting - Helping local kids