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“Happy Hour at Home” at Alloura Waters

happy hourDianne Fergusson, pictured above with her husband of 50 years, David, says she is glad to be at Living Choice Alloura Waters during this trying time.

Well, it seems like we will not have such an active social life for an unknown amount of time and our lifestyle will be very different.

However, Mother Nature is oblivious to the situation we are experiencing:  The stars are still twinkling bright, the sky is still a gorgeous blue, the rain is refreshing and cleansing, the gardens are looking wonderful, the grass is green and there are lots of beautiful flowers and roses to smell.

The animal world is behaving just as usual too: Cats are still getting on with whatever it is that cats do, dogs still want cuddles, pats and food.  Fish are still swimming around forgetting where they’ve been, birds are still sounding beautiful and Kookaburras are even laughing!

Some of us have lived through wars, the great depression, rationing and unemployment.  Most of us have known love, loss, tragedy and joy. We’ve accumulated a lifetime of experience, resilience and strength. We are very well equipped for the challenge ahead.

So, how about: Happy Hour at home from now on. If you feel inclined, get out on your balcony or backyard or dining table at 5pm Friday and Saturday night and pour yourself a drink, get out the nibbles and toast yourself and/or your companion. “Here’s to us.” If you are alone, it’s “Here’s to me”, or maybe phone a friend and toast each other through the phone. We deserve it!