Happy resident referrals rewarding in many ways

In recent months there have been increasing numbers of happy residents from Leisure Lea Gardens referring family members and friends to come and visit the village in Marsfield NSW and see why they are happy to share the good news about living there.

Not only do they know that they are helping someone by giving them first hand information and experience of living at Leisure Lea Gardens, but the referrer and the referee also receive a $500 Wish Gift Card if the referee decides to become a resident at the village.

Recently one of Leisure Lea Gardens’ delightful Ambassadors, Pat Fahey, referred friends of many years, Valerie and Malcolm Hallowes. These friends met when their children started Kindergarten over 40 years ago and Pat was very happy to let them know some of the wonderful aspects of living at Leisure Lea Gardens.

Pat says that she is very appreciative of living at Leisure Lea Gardens and praised the management under Linda Gordon, who she feels has a wonderful understanding of all aspects of retirement living. Pat is also delighted to be close to Epping Station and the Macquarie Shopping Centre. All in all, a very happy choice that she is pleased to share with her friends.

Above is a photo of Pat Fahey with Valerie and Malcolm Hallowes, receiving their Wish Gift Cards.

Other happy resident referrers, Helen Kiley and Bev Ambesi, recently welcomed their friend Marion Renehan. All are recipients of the Wish Gift Cards for some great shopping adventures!

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