“Harmony in Contrast” exhibition
opens at Fullarton

The first day of Spring was a special day for a valued member of the Living Choice Design Team, Jayson Castor. Jayson, who is currently working on the Living Choice Flagstaff Hill and Parkwood projects, is a talented artist and on 1st September, his first solo exhibition in 10 years was officially opened at Living Choice Fullarton.

The Art Expression @123 Fisher group at Fullarton invited Jayson to exhibit his work for the month of September and residents and guests were invited to the Official Opening, which was sponsored by Living Choice. More than 80 people attended, including fellow Design Team colleagues and some members of the SA Watercolour Society.

The theme of the exhibition is “Harmony in Contrast” and there was very favourable feedback about the 15 paintings on show, with two sold on the night.

“For me, it is always the mood and light I remember the most in any location and it gives me an inspiration to paint,” said Jayson. “When there is light, there is shadow. They come in paradox, yet they harmonise with each other. Capturing the mood, atmosphere and light is everything,” he added.

Jayson said he had visited each place he had painted many times. “I took hundreds of photos of each scene to capture the perfect moment of the location and then paint them, so that I could take the viewer to that location to feel the place. I hope people get to enjoy the beauty of South Australia through my paintings.”