Hawthorn bowlers enjoy fun day at Fullarton

Living Choice is a proud sponsor of the Hawthorn Bowls Club and invited their members to a friendly bowls competition at Living Choice Fullarton on Tuesday 15th May.

The competition was co-ordinated by keen bowler and Fullarton resident, Graham Short, and despite being interrupted by rain, it was a fantastic day and an opportunity to make new friends.

Village manager Angela Trevor thanked the village workshop members, John Stoddard, Tom Grant, Ian Moore, Michael Gasking, Alison Stoddard and Peter Brennan, for cooking a fabulous BBQ lunch of meat and salads.

“They worked hard, had fun and did an awesome job. All the rain did was give everyone an opportunity to stop for a meal, a drink and a chat before heading back out in the sunshine,” she added.

The Hawthorn bowlers won the day convincingly and took home a 6-pack of Merlot and a $100 voucher donated by Living Choice. More bowling competitions are planned in the future.