Heather puts the media
spotlight on organ donation

Tracey Dearing reports: 

As a kidney transplant recipient, Living Choice Kawana Island resident Heather Armstrong is getting comfortable with change. However, this week saw Heather put herself out of her comfort zone and into the media spotlight to talk more on the upcoming World Transplant Games and organ donation.

Heather joined well-known 92.7 Mix FM radio broadcasters, Mark Darin and Caroline Hutchinson, on their breakfast show on Tuesday 7th February. Containing her nerves, Heather spoke about being a recipient of a kidney transplant from a 20-year-old male donor two years ago.

Caroline said, “At the same time it’s so tragic for the family, but if his family knew that his kidney was going to the World Transplant Games, they would be happy”. She added that Heather was someone who had taken their second chance of living and making the most of it.

Heather mentioned the importance of having a conversation with your family about becoming an organ donor. “Educating people about organ donation is important - it makes a massive difference to someone waiting on the transplant list.”

Heather said, “The whole point of the games from my perspective is to just inspire people to think about organ donation”.  Caroline agreed that Heather’s story was such an inspiration. For many who know Heather and her story I am sure you would agree as well.

The media spotlight continues for Heather with two TV stations coming to the village for interviews later this week.

The World Transplant Games will be held in Perth from 15th to 21st April. Heather is competing in two cycling events, the 10km time trial and the 30km road race. Both the village residents and Living Choice have been assisting to raise funds for Heather to travel to Perth. If you would like to assist, see https://gofund.me/cc618080

If you would like to find out more about becoming an organ donor Home | DonateLife

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