Heather shines at World Transplant Games

Heather Armstrong from Living Choice Kawana Island has returned from competing in the World Transplant Games in Perth. David Thomas, Living Choice Kawana Island Residents’ Chairman, reports.

“Heather Armstrong received much support from residents, Living Choice and others to enable her to participate in the World Transplant Games in Perth. Here is some news of her results, enjoyment and activities.

“20km time trial: Heather and her fellow rider Kate Harper won a Bronze Medal for finishing in 3rd place. An amazing result.

“10km individual time trial: Heather finished in the top 10 and in the 30km individual road race, which included all competitors of both sexes, she finished well up in the listings.

“Heather also had the honour of representing all Australian athletes as the only Australian speaker at the Life Remembrance and Thanksgiving Service at St George’s Cathedral in Perth with an audience of over 200 people.

“Heather told me that this whole journey in her life of training, competing and speaking in public has done so much for her personal confidence and happiness that she will be forever grateful to all who supported her. We wish her every success in her future life.”