How a hobby turned into a passion to help others

Living in a retirement village helped to inspire Living Choice Twin Waters resident Dieter Fialla to invent a bowls arm to alleviate issues players may have when delivering the bowl onto the green.

As a bowls enthusiast, Dieter soon realised that there was a gap in the market for people who were limited with movement.

What started as a hobby quickly turned into a passion for Dieter and soon had him applying for a patent.

Two years in the making and he came up with what he coined the Bowlar S-R, a lightweight arm that extends to the length you require and can self-release the bowl. Bowlers do not have to press any buttons or release any levers for the bowl to dislodge, thus helping those who have limited grip ability.

Dieter said, “It was a wonderful way for people suffering from arthritis in their hands to be able to continue in this sport. A disability or body pain shouldn’t prevent you from being able to enjoy a game of bowls”.

He also mentioned those in wheelchairs also benefit from the Bowlar S-R and can play bowls without any restrictions to their game.

Dieter, who was a trained engineer in his working life, is no stranger to designing equipment to make things in the workplace more streamlined.

The Bowlar S-R is currently available for sale and comes in a choice of colours. Dieter makes these himself, however he says he is not sure what the future holds and may have to look at alternative options with all the interest his invention is getting.

Dieter has gone on to engage a professional to create a movie of The Bowlar S-R. Stay tuned for a preview of this when it is all finished.

We wish you all the best Dieter.