Inspirational artwork to go under the hammer

The countdown has begun to the biggest annual event at Living Choice Fullarton – the month-long Art Expression @123 Fisher exhibition featuring 109 artworks by 56 artists, including 14 artists from Living Choice villages at Fullarton, Woodcroft and Flagstaff Hill.

There is another strong Living Choice connection to the exhibition – award-winning watercolourist, Jayson Castor, who joined the Living Choice design team in October 2020. Jayson’s exquisite painting, `Harvest at Daylight’, will be auctioned by auctioneer, Victor Velgush of Refined Real Estate, at the exhibition opening on Thursday 3rd August.

Jayson’s work has been exhibited at previous SALA Festival exhibitions and his paintings are always in demand. His journey as a watercolour artist has been an extraordinary one, filled with dedication, perseverance, and an unyielding love of art.

“I love to capture the soul of streetscapes and landscapes and try to immerse myself in the vibrant city life and the tranquil beauty of nature. Each delicate brushstroke breathes life into my subjects, hopefully transporting viewers to different realms,” says Jayson.

`Harvest at Daylight’ is an enchanting scene of a haystack harvest during daylight on the farm, the warm and cool tones blending seamlessly, reflecting the interplay between the soothing coolness of the sky and the golden lush fields with bold ochres and earthy browns.

Jayson says the painting captures the essence of a seasonal ritual that has been part of agricultural traditions for generations.

“As the day progresses, the haystacks begin to take shape. Bundles of straw are meticulously gathered, tied together with twine, and arranged in neat mounds. The painting is a celebration of human resilience, hard work, and the symbiotic relationship between farmers and the land. It reminds us of the importance of embracing nature’s cycles, preparing for the future, and cherishing the simplicity and beauty found in the timeless act of harvesting hay for the winter’s embrace.”

In addition to the SALA Festival exhibitions, Jayson has been part of exhibitions in countries like Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines, China and Australia. He has received several awards, including being recognised as one of the Top 200 Watercolour Artists at the prestigious International Watercolour Masters in Shropshire, England, earning a spot among the Top 200 Artists at the 2016 Taiwan International Watercolour Competition & Exhibition, receiving the title of Best Promising Young Artist at SALA in 2021, and securing the Best Watercolour awards at both the Walkerville Art Show in 2022 and Campbelltown in 2023.

“My hope is that my work will leave an indelible mark on the art world, inspiring generations to come.”

To see Jayson’s art, plus that of 55 other talented artists, visit the Art Expression @123 Fisher exhibition at Living Choice Fullarton daily from Friday 4th August to Sunday 27th August. A full program has been arranged to celebrate the exhibition, including music recitals and concerts. For information, see SALA – Art Expression @ 123 Fisher – Living Choice Retirement Villages